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Betfair's activities in Russia have always been difficult, and the site has often been blocked by Roskomnadzor. This is primarily due to the peculiarities of Russian legislation relating to offshore organizations, which since 2011 has been Betfair.

The company finally announced its exit from the Russian market in May 2020. Users received letters with a warning and a recommendation to urgently withdraw funds from their existing accounts on the Exchange.

In fact, there are many betting sites in the Russian Federation that are periodically blocked by Roskommnadzor. Most of them constantly create "mirrors" that allow you to bypass blocking. But Betfair focuses on the legal market, for example, the USA, Great Britain, Italy, etc., therefore it does not have an official “mirror”.

Activity of the betting exchange in Russia
Activity of the betting exchange in Russia

However, there is a version of the site in Russian. Even the technical support service responds in Russian to inquiries by e-mail. That is, a Russian-speaking player can use the site, subject to confirmation of the fact of registration in the country in which Betfair has a license for legal work.

Mirror BetFair

Access to Betfair in Russia

To date, the official website of the exchange is blocked for Russian users. Despite this, experienced players find ways to bypass the blocks using the mirror and other technical methods.

But, perhaps, soon the exchange will become completely inaccessible to Russian citizens. This is due to the fact that the UK Gaming Commission has already warned about its intention to require establishments operating on the basis of its licenses, information about activities in places belonging to other jurisdictions. This refers to all the "grey markets", which include the Russian Federation.

This position of the Commission is explained by the fact that the share of its profits from the "gray markets" is no more than 3%. Therefore, it is likely that the recent warnings will be implemented soon. But for now, Russian users can visit the Betfair exchange through blocking bypasses.

Mirror BetFair

Can Russian users bypass the blocking?

On the Internet you can find video recommendations, reviews and Telegram channels that offer ways to get access to Betfair for players registered in Russia. But it is important to understand that Betfair has officially announced the termination of activities in the Russian market, which means that all these methods are illegal.

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