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Betfair is the largest and most reputable betting exchange in the world. To conduct successful trading (game), bettors need to adhere to certain rules.

trading on betfair

Earning opportunities on BetFair

You can make good money on Befair, but before you start playing, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the features of the institution. The minimum bet is $4. There are some nuances that can help make this process easier and more profitable:

  • It is advisable to activate the useful "what if" function, which will automatically calculate the amount of expected profit in case of winning and loss if the bet loses. This calculation is carried out before the bet is placed. Please note that the amounts are displayed without taking into account commission charges;
  • If the activity on the exchange has been started recently, then it is better to refrain from working with large amounts. First, it is worth gaining as much experience as possible;
  • Keep a cool head and refrain from betting under the influence of emotions. It is important to devote time to studying events, analytics and forecasting.

Rules for the implementation of gaming activities

An interesting feature of playing on the Betfair exchange is that, in addition to betting directly with the institution, players have the opportunity to offer their odds or agree to play on the terms put forward by other users. To place a bet, users need to choose one of the two proposed betting options: “for”, i.e. agreeing with the proposed result, or “against”, respectively, disagreeing with it.

Consider the meaning and features of each option in more detail. When making a bet with a back bet, one of the players indicates their own coefficient on the outcome of the event and the amount of the maximum amount of money that can be bet on the result. If there is another client who accepts the proposed conditions, then the bet is made. If the event ends with the previously predicted result, then the bet wins. That is, when the player puts “for” on the victory of a particular team, he will win only if it wins, and if the opponent wins and draws, he will lose.

The lay bet is provided for cases when the player does not agree with the proposed outcome of the event. For example, if a bet is made against the victory of the Arsenal club, then the match must end in the success of the other team or a draw, otherwise the bet will lose. You can calculate the coefficient of bets "for" and "against" in order to determine the most profitable option, using the following formulas in advance:

Back odds = Lay odds/(Lay odds - 1);
Lay odds = Back odds/(Back odds - 1).

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Betfair Trading Strategies

Let's take a look at the main trading strategies on Betfair.

Strategy "Against a draw"

This is the most popular trading tactic on the Betfair exchange. Its essence consists in two steps:

  1. Before the start of a sporting event, the player makes a Lay bet (“Against”) on a draw.
  2. When one of the teams takes the lead, the player makes a Back bet (“For”) on a draw.

The difference in quotes will bring the better a good win, provided that the event ends with a draw. If one of the participants in the match wins, the bet is returned to the game account in full.

Also, the better can get a profit due to the difference in odds for all possible outcomes of the event: the victory of one of the teams or a draw. But here the income will be less and there are risks under which you can lose the bet amount:

  • if the outcome of the match will be a “dry” draw 0:0. In order not to get into such a situation, you need to select events whose participants regularly score a lot of any opponent;
  • if the losing team evens the score, and the better does not have time to make a Back bet. Here you need to follow the event without being distracted.

At a distance, this Betfair trading strategy will certainly bring profit if the player has the patience.

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Strategy with minimal risks at the start of the match

Let's analyze this tactic on the example of a football match. Trading takes place in two steps:

  • Before the meeting of teams with average performance, the better makes a Back bet in the amount of $100 on the total under (TM) 3.5 goals. Assume that the coefficient of this event is 1.21. Possible net profit - $21;
  • closer to the middle of the first half, the player makes a Lay bet in the amount of $100 on UT 3.5 goals. Let's say that the coefficient has decreased to 1.11. The rate commitment is $11, and the probable net profit is $100.

This strategy is guaranteed to bring a profit of 10%. If the Back TM 3.5 bet has played (the team scored 3 or less goals for two), the better will receive net $10. If the bet Lay TM 3.5 is played, the player will go to zero.

This trading strategy on Betfair also allows you to equalize income for all possible outcomes of the event. It is necessary to wait until the Lay bet quotes fall into the range of 1.02-1.07 and make a forecast.

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Strategy with minimal risks at the end of the match

This type of trading on Betfair is very similar to the previous one. What do we have to do:

  • when there are 20 or less minutes left before the end of the event, we make a Back total under bet. Condition: before the end of the match, the teams will not be able to score two or three goals;
  • we wait five minutes after placing a higher bet and make a Lay bet with similar conditions.

The difference in quotes will bring the player a guaranteed win of 5-8%.

It is noteworthy that the profit can be even higher if you apply this trading option on Betfair immediately after the goal of any of the participants in the event.

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Strategy for matches of low-scoring teams

Here we will again focus on the difference in quotes:

  • just before the start of the match, we make a prediction Back that the teams will score one goal or less for two - TM 1.5;
  • closer to the middle of the first half, we make a Lay bet with similar conditions.

This is a very profitable trading option on Betfair, thanks to which you can reach 20-30% of your net winnings.

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Strategy for football experts

Success in this type of trading is very dependent on the knowledge of the better in football. To use it, you need to know everything about the participants in the upcoming meeting, up to which foot each player got up on today. Essence of tactics:

  • the better chooses an outcome with a low odds and places a Lay bet, at which his obligations to other clients of the exchange will be 20-25%;
  • then the player makes a Back prediction, but with high quotes.

Here the risk of losing is quite large, but the probable amount of winnings looks no less large. It all depends on how well the player knows how to predict the number of goals scored and the result of the match.

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Strategy "Against the favorite"

The idea is to put a Lay bet on the weaker side before the start of the event, and put a Back bet with a higher odds during the event. If you successfully guess the moment, then you can rise well, regardless of the result with which the event ends.

Strategy "Against 0-0"

The point is to bet on the outcome of the first half "Against" the score 0-0. If there is at least 1 goal in the whole match, the bet is won. If the event ended with a zero score - lost.

Strategy - Betting with Totals

This strategy can be applied to football and hockey matches. You need to put “For” before the start of the match on TM 4.5 with a coefficient of up to 1.3. If it does not fit, then bet on TM 5.5 or 6.5, depending on which match and odds.

In the event that no one scores in the first half (period), the odds for the TM will most likely go down. There will be an opportunity to put a "fork". It remains to put "Against" on the result, which was originally "For".

It is important to know that the probability of betting on TB is much lower than on TM. The strategy is recommended for medium matches where big scores are unlikely.

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Software for trading on the Betfair exchange

To automate and, thereby, speed up the process of trading on the stock exchange, software developers have come up with special software. What functions do these applications perform:

  • looking for markets to trade. The better sets the search criteria in the software settings;
  • testing betting strategies and triggers (certain actions embedded in the software by the player);
  • trigger trading;
  • updating markets without switching between them and much more.

Here are the most popular programs for trading on the Betfair exchange:

  • AGT PRO;
  • Bet Angel Professional;
  • Gruss Betting Assistant;
  • FairBot;
  • Traderline;
  • Advanced Cymatic Trader;
  • Bettrader Evolution;
  • Health;
  • MarketFeeder Professional;
  • JetBet.

Each software has its own characteristics, but all of them are absolutely suitable for both newcomers to trading on Betfair and experienced bettar.

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Betfair line loading

The bookmaker's odds on the outcome of events can change both before and during the matches. This phenomenon is called line load.

Important: the change in quotes is influenced by many objective reasons that are not related to the concept of load. Among them:

  • injuries and disqualification of participants in a sporting event;
  • starting lineups;
  • lack of motivation in one of the teams;
  • weather conditions;
  • venue for the game, etc.

A load is a change in quotes under the influx of big money for a certain outcome of an event. Bookmakers become suspicious when, for some reason they don't understand, impressive funds are placed on a match.

Loads are amateur and smart. Behind the first are beginners and betting enthusiasts, who often do not even suspect the existence of this phenomenon. Smart loads are made by professionals of the game with bookmakers. Their goal: to bet on inflated quotes.

In conclusion, we note that more than five million users play at Betfair. This once again emphasizes the reliability of the exchange and the success of trading strategies on it.

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