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Betfair / "Betfair" is a British bookmaker company (BC), dominating the global online betting market. Since May 2020, the activity of the office has been banned in Russia, which is why domestic fans of sports betting have to look for ways to bypass the block. In this article, we will consider what a Betfair website mirror is, what it is for and how to find it.

betfair mirror

What is a mirror

A mirror is a copy of the portal, which is located at a legal address. Mirrors are created by both bookmakers and bettors.

After blocking in Russia, Betfair actively helped its customers by regularly creating copies of the site. However, Roskomnadzor banned working mirrors with no less regularity. As a result, now the British company rarely pleases Russian fans of sports betting with copies of the official portal.

However, bettors are trying to correct the current situation. Most Betfair mirrors today are the work of players.

Mirror BetFair

How to find a mirror

Searching for a copy of the Betfair portal can take some time, although it is carried out in a few clicks. The user needs to go to the Internet browser and enter a request to receive a mirror in the search line. Examples of requests that will definitely lead the player to the working resource of the bookmaker:

  • working Betfair mirror;
  • up-to-date Betfair mirror;
  • Betfair mirror for Russia;
  • mirror Betfair.com;
  • mirror exchange Betfair.

Not only copies of the Betfair website may appear in the top of the search. Very often, in search of a mirror, the better is forced to sort through articles about bypassing the portal blocking. However, with regular looking for a copy, the player will learn to figure out where the mirror is and where the unnecessary link is.

Mirror BetFair

Mirror Alternatives

Not only a copy of the portal helps to bypass its blocking on the territory of the state. What are the alternatives:

  • TOR browser. This Internet Explorer uses private IP addresses for access, which cannot be blocked. You can find the TOR-browser on the Web at the appropriate request;
  • VPN services. They provide the IP addresses of the state in which Betfair is allowed to operate. IP data is also not banned on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • proxy servers. They also change IP addresses, allowing you to bypass the blocking of the portal.

The Betfair mobile app for gadgets on Android and iOS operating systems also provides seamless access to the game with the British bookmaker. However, this does not always happen. If the office program does not work, it must be used in conjunction with a VPN service.

Mirror BetFair

Mirror functionality

The features of the copy of the Betfair site are no different from the functionality of the official version. Through the mirror you can:

  • register and log in to the office;
  • download the Betfair mobile app for Android and iOS;
  • replenish the gaming account and withdraw winnings;
  • place bets of all kinds;
  • get access to a full line of betting, including bets on political events, personal lives of celebrities and other things far from sports that are unusual for Russian bettors;
  • play "Poker", "Casino", "Slots" and other interesting entertainment;
  • receive feedback from the support service;
  • receive freebet bonuses, according to the terms of the promotion.

Mirror Betfair and the law of the Russian Federation

Russian law prohibits the creation of any copies of portals whose activities are not approved by Roskomnadzor. Government agencies have the right to block the mirror without a court order. Often, a copy of the site is banned in less than a day after its discovery. As a result, many bettors hope that Betfair will soon regain its license to work in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Mirror BetFair

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