Why is the BetFair website not working?

Betfair/Betfair is the best international betting exchange. For the game, it is proposed to use the computer and mobile versions of the official website, as well as applications for devices on Android and iOS operating systems. However, access to the resources of the exchange may disappear, although very rarely. In this article, we will consider the answers to the question: why does Betfair not work?

Why isn't the Betfair website working?
Why isn't the Betfair website working?

The entrance to the Betfair resources can be closed for three reasons: problems with the office, problems with the user, a fine or blocking by the betting exchange.

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Why Betfair is not working: a problem from the exchange

The main reasons why Betfair does not work due to the fault of the office:

  • blocking on the territory of the Russian Federation. In 2012, the activities of Betfair were banned in Russia by the decision of Roskomnadzor due to the company's lack of a license. Local bettors are allowed to create game accounts, however, it will not be possible to do this on the official Betfair website. You will have to use up-to-date working mirrors, VPN services or other tools to get a legal IP address;
  • overload of the main server. Since Betfair is the number one exchange in the world, it has a huge customer base. When a critical number of users access the Betfair portal at the same time, the main server may not be able to withstand the load and “lie down”;
  • engineering works. Often the site is disconnected from the main server when the exchange needs to carry out a large-scale update or test the operation of certain services and functions;
  • hacker attack. When attackers try to gain unauthorized access to resources, the site stops working for all clients;
  • DDOS attack. During a DDOS attack, you can enter the portal, but it will not function normally. Signs of a DDOS attack: pages or their individual elements do not load well or do not load, the site slows down or freezes.

Betters are powerless over all of the above reasons for not having access to Betfair. It remains to be patient and wait until the exchange resumes work.

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Why at work Betfair: the problem is on the part of the player

It happens that the resources of the office are in full order, but the user still cannot use them. What could be the reason then:

  • the player's device is infected with malware. The security service of the exchange will block access to the site for clients whose devices are teeming with viruses;
  • Internet problems. The better may have a damaged network cable or router. It also makes sense to check if the Internet is paid;
  • incorrect date and time on the device. The site may not work for visitors from the "distant past";
  • device malfunctions. Rally network driver and others.

The user can solve all these problems on his own: use an antivirus, clear the cache, try to go to the site in incognito mode, check the health of the device by entering the portal through another gadget.

In the event that the Betfair mobile app is not working, uninstalling and reinstalling it may help. We also note that the exchange program is unlikely to work for a Russian better without a VPN service.

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Why Betfair doesn't work: penalty or blocking

Access to Betfair resources may be permanently closed to dishonest players. If the client grossly violated the rules of the game with the office, he risks forever being in exile. Exchanges can block the client forever.

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In the end, we note that it makes sense to contact the Betfair support service if the above methods for solving problems with resuming access to the exchange website did not help. But it should be noted that Russian bettors can contact Betfair only via e-mail, from where an answer comes on average in two hours.

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